I'm a Hardcore DJ that's been spinning tuna since '95.

I have had the pleasure of playing at venues around London like seOne, Ministry of Sound, Jacks, Camden Palace (KOKO) and Factory (Kind of my home), for events such as Raindance, Innovation, Moondance, Epidemik, Raindance VS Tasty, and my own Hardcore & Hard Dance event, Happy Nation.. But have also travelled the country for events that are after something a bit different.

Why Different? My sets are random. Sometimes a bit bonkers. I turn up with 2 or 3 boxes of vinyl, pick one to roll with when I'm about to begin, then see where the set takes me. I might launch in to some Bouncy Techno, some over-the-top '96 cheese, then straight in to some (almost) upfront Hardcore with some classic D&B thrown in. None of that 32 bar switch either. If I can, i'll start the next mix sooner than expected, and if I think it's going to work, I'll double-drop it for good measure.

You can catch me playing regular shows on Happy Nation & London Pirate Radio and you will often find me in both their chatrooms.
Pop in and say Hi!